Most energy experts agree that distributed generation will play a major role in the implementation of renewable energy in the US electrical market in the years to come.

Hybrid Renewables technology provides:


Clean Energy at Scale

The SolarWind Hybrid package design economically blends commercial-scale clean, renewable energy into the grid at lower cost and efficient land use, adding reliability to the system. These Hybrids can fuel the electrifying of a low-cost rural transportation system with locally produced sustainable energy.


A Path to Energy Independence

SolarWind Hybrids positions Communities and Companies for the capturing and keeping of a sizable portion of the energy dollars normally leaving the local economy – plus the creation jobs, providing long-term economic value.


Affordable, Low-Impact Power

The SolarWind Hybrid delivers low-cost electrical energy and electrical capacity to the community with no fuel, no emissions, no waste, no water, and no transmission costs – it truly is least cost energy!!


Grid integration

Our Wind/Solar hybrid system generates and delivers electricity close to where it is consumed, delivering sustainable energy to the local Community with no need for additional transmission upgrades, and providing a low-cost energy solution.

Online Operating Wind/Solar Hybrid Projects


Red Lake Falls Community Hybrid


Lake Region Community Hybrid

Seasonal adaptation

Solar-versus-wind resources across the state of Minnesota at the monthly interval in 2016. Pictured is both a 30-day moving average and locally weighted trendline for each resource.


Strongly visible is the seasonal anti-correlation between the wind and solar resources across the state. Wind resource peaks in December and April (coming to a minimum in August) while the solar resource experiences its maximum and minimum at the solstices.

5 MW SolarWind Hybrid
10 MW Solar
Land used
12 acres
55 acres
Installed cost
$7.5 m
$15 m

Let's compare

This information demonstrates the increased land use efficiency of a Wind/Solar hybrid project versus Solar alone.

Comparisons based on land and cost estimates for a project that will produce and deliver 13,000,000 kWhs Annually.

Production estimates

Production estimates for a 5MW Community-Based Wind/Solar Hybrid

Avg. annual wind speed
at 80 meters

7.2 m/s

Average peak solar hours
per day

4.5 hrs

Estimated wind/solar hybrid annual energy production:

Production source
1 - GE 2.8 Mw/127m wind turbines (annual)
10.1 GWh
2.2 Mw solar (annual)
2.9 GWh
Wind/solar hybrid est. (annual)
13 GWh


13 GWhs displaces 28,600,000 lbs per year of CO2 emissions from coal fired power plant